Tag: Elf


  • Duke Balor

    Balor is the current Duke of Drovendale the town that neighbors Brekinridge. He and his wife Claire keep the town as safe as they can. Balor is currently working with Grayson in Brekinridge to rebuild and keep Brekinridge safe.

  • Cierra Thornbrew

    Cierra Thornbrew is a wood elf of the Hasari Druid tribe located on the Pentagonal Islands. She is considered the best archer in her tribe possibly only equaled by Servin Oakbearer. She is currently their most trusted scout to look for wandering tribes …

  • Servin Oakbearer

    Servin Oakbearer is the right hand man to Thenrill, the village elder of the Hasari tribe. He helps guide the elder in his decisions regarding the tribe. He is also an excellent archer only bested by Cierra Thornbrew. He his distrusting of any outsiders …