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Taking Back the Pale Lady

After finally catching up with Smokey after his sudden journey to the east, Talveer gets caught up on Smokeys current plan of finding a boat to the mysterious island where he has been told a druid tribe resides. Smokey hopes that they may help him in the discovery of the Devils Leaves, a plant his mother told him of as a young boy that is said to have great healing properties. After catching up on current events Smokey and Talveer rest for the evening only to wake up the next morning to find a beaten and bloody Boham sitting at a table licking his wounds. Boham informs them that due to an unfortunate turn of events his ship was taken from him by a group of thugs that operate right outside of Sakon. Boham tells them he was beaten and robed of the ship but after a young woman by the name of Kate (who is revealed to be Bohams daughter and first mate) storms in and furiously asks about the whereabouts of the ship it is revealed that Boham is more at fault then he previously lead on. As it turns out after a night of gambling with these thugs Boham did not have the coin to pay off his loses. So as payment the thugs decided to beat and rob Boham of his ship known as the Pale Lady. After hearing all this Talveer insists that they help Boham get his ship back and in return Smokey gets his Coin back and the both of them get free passage to the island. Boham tries to argue a bit, him being quite the greedy sailor, but is cut off by still angry Kate who readily agrees to Talveers terms. With the new agreement put in place the four of them now set off for the thugs base of operations outside of Sakon. Whilst on their ride to the thugs campsite Kate informs the group of an insect infestation that has been plaguing the woods around Sakon. This is made rather clear after a brief encounter with two large insects swarms that were nothing but a mere annoyance. About an hour later they come across a wide ravine which upon further inspection appears to have been cause by some sort of land slide. Thinking it better to go around it than trying to cross they find themselves causing another small shift in the ground that takes Smokey and Boham with it. Talveer and Kate manage to leap with their horses out of harms ways just in time. Talveer with his quick thinking throws a rope to Smokey who grabs it at first but realizing that he will lose his horse if he does so lets go to try and save the animal. Seeing this Talveer then whips the rope around to Boham who eagerly takes it and hoists himself up to safety. Smokey now falling protects his horse as best he can from the chunks of earth that fall over the both of them. After a hard landing Smokey and his horse find themselves buried under about a foot of sand and rock. Smokey not being one to wait for assistance lets out a torrent of lighting upwards from his hand creating a hole big enough for him to get out of and almost hitting Talveer as he came down to help. Now back on the trail after digging both Smokeys and Bohams horses out from the sand the finally see a clearing in the woods where the thugs have set up camp. After some investigating they spot Bohams ship on the shore. A large ship made of white oak with two magical devices affixed to the back of it. Boham points these out to be arcane wind thrusters used to give the Pale Lady extra speed. Finding the ship being step one the group now moves on to step two of their plan retrieving it. After a short discussion they decide to split up in order to get the ship back. Talveer going in alone under the guise that he wishes to gamble for the ship and Smokey, Kate, and Boham sneaking onto the boat and preparing it for their departure in case things go south. With the plan set Smokey, Kate, and Boham all successfully sneak onto the boat using the ladder on the back that leads up to the top deck. This unfortunately requires them to swim through the freezing cold waters of Kraite but they bear through it. Whilst on board they search and find two thugs wandering the crews sleeping quaters below deck. Deciding to act fast smokey acts as a distraction while Kate and Boham hide and take them by surprise. After casting magic missile at the two individuals they run at Smokey down the hall and are then ambushed by Kate and Boham hiding in adjacent rooms. The short struggle leaving one man dead and the other unconscious but bleeding heavily, they go up top and prepare for the success of failure of Talveers part of the plan. Talveer strolls his way into the encampment avoiding the two alarm traps but making himself known to the multiple people guarding the camp. After being questioned as to why he is here Talveer manages to fool them into believing he is in fact here to gamble. He is then lead to a large tent with four other individuals including the leader of this band of thugs. Talveer plays the game of poker for a while leading them on until he has them right where he wants them. Talveer then drops the bombshell of putting up a rather large sum of coin against the ship. This plays well with the interests of the thugs leader and he accepts. Talveer draws his cards and looks for any tell the man might have on his face which pays off. Talveer can see that the man is quite happy with his cards but Talveer has confidence in the hand he was dealt as well. Both of them then show their cards the leader of the thugs revealing three of a kind a queen and a nine, Talveer lays his hand down showing a full house. Talveer wins the game and the man seems to agree to fulfill his end of the bet to give him the ship but after leading him out of the tent the rest of the thugs come down upon talveer weapons ready. Talveer attempts to control the situation and talk it out but the croup of thugs don’t listen. Then with a flurry of swings form Talveers swords he cuts down the leader staring a frenzy among the camp as the rest of the men come to attack him. In the midst of battle Talveer notices the ship start to leave without him followed by a large fire ball being cast in his direction from the ship. Talveer using his quick reflexes evades the fireball as best he can taking minimal damage but the men that stoof before him took the full force of the attack annihilating the lot of them. Talveer sees this opportunity to run for it and makes a B-line for the woods where the horses are hidden. Taking out one more thug on his way Talveer sees Kate take out a few guards using a large ballista on the bow of the ship followed once again by a large fireball cast by smokey taking out many of them. The group of thugs dwindles down to just two men who seem to give up on their pursuit. The group then heads back to Sakon to plan their trip to the mysterious island.



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