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Seaward to the Mysterious Island

After returning to Sakon village Boham informs Smokey and Talveer of their current situation and lets them know that the journey could take two maybe two and a half weeks. Hearing this Smokey and Talveer gather their belongings and and equip themselves for the high seas. After a bit of shopping at Sakon goods they get aboard the Pale Lady (Boham’s Ship) and set sail south east toward the mysterious island that Smokey hopes will give him some information regarding the Leaves of the Devil plant that he has been searching for. Once they have set sail and Smokey and Talveer get acquainted with their living quarters both of them spend some time introducing themselves to the crew. Boham actually introduces them both to a special member of his crew Kardos, a Tiefling with red skin and long horns that go past the back of his head. It is brought up that Kardos is sort of the ships mechanic, in that he is in charge of keeping the magical thrusters affixed to the back of the ship charged with wind magic and in working condition. With introductions to the crew out of the way the week goes by with out issue except for Smokey’s attempt to go swimming while using Talveer as an anchor point. At the end of the first week how ever Smokey and Talveer are awoken in the middle of the night by waves crashing against the ship and loud thunder cracking in the sky. The two men rush up to the top deck to see a mighty storm all across the night sky as the ship gets rocked back and forth violently. They see Boham shouting orders to his crew and Kate helping crewmen get inportand items off the main deck. They take this opportunity to help the men and women of the ship. Boham sends Talveer to climb the mast and untangle some ropes that the wind got caught in the sail, Smokey on the other hand heads below deck to meet up with Kardos and make sure the thrusters keep working. After equipping a harness and climbing to to the middle portion of the sail Talveer begins untangling the knotted rope preventing the sail from drawing up. Below deck Kardos explains that the men above deck need to get the sails drawn up so they can just go on thruster power. This way the sails are less likely to be damaged durring the storm. Having no wind magic available smokey goes top deck to use the stored spell he has in his spell ring so that Kardos can give him the spell gust. While firing the spell off the boat safely the boat get hit with a large wave sending up out of the water about eight feet. As the ship crashes down Talveer and Smokey catch themselves and manage to keep their footing but Smokey sees as one deckhand gets tossed over board. Thinking quickly he runs and grabs the man and yanks him upward and back onto the deck. At this time Talveer finishes untangling the rope but not before slipping and falling onto the canter mast. He gets back up and begins helping the other man pull the sail up. Smokey now below deck gets the gust spell in his ring and helps charge the thrusters by sending the spell directly into the arcane crystal that stores the wind magic. After that and a minor repair to one of the crystals Smokey heads back above deck to find Talveer off the sail and back on deck. The two help the rest of the crew as best they can and get little rest that night. They wake up the next morning with little rest and soaked head to toe in rain water. They next week runs rather smoothly as they repair any damage the storm may have cause and keep heading south east. At the end of the second week Boham wakes the two adventures from their bunks and tells them that the island they seek is in sight. As Talveer and Smokey go running to the top deck they see out in the distance a series of islands 5 maybe 6 from what they can tell. As Boham is explaining the possible dangers of the islands a large submerged creature crashes into the side of the boat thrusting it to the left. As they all rush to the side of the boat they see a large shadow pass under the boat. The creature has a long serpent like neck and head. The body of the creature almost has the shape of a sea turtle but it has no shell. The creature then sends its neck flying out of the water and prepares to attack. Talveer always quick on his feet rushes toward the beats jumping of the deck and plunging both his swords into its throat. Holding on as best he can Talveer sees as the creature slams is neck toward the deck to try and get him off. Thinking fast Talveer kicks off the beats drawing his swords out and rolling backwards onto the ship avoiding being crushed. The beast then tries to bite Talveer but to no avail as Talveer is to quick for it. Smokey at the other end of the ship then sends a lighting bolt streaking forward striking the creature and unfortunately Talveer in the process. Managing to avoid some of the damage from the lighting bolt Talveer continues to strike at the beast while Boham and Kate fire harpoons from the ships ballista. This goes on for some time until the creature submerges again and then reappears on the other side of the ship behind Smokey. The beast then bites down on Smokey who tries to struggle but cant break free from its mouth. The creature then dives down again taking Smokey with it. Boham and Kate shoot at it but to no avail. As the creature descends smokey lets out another lightning bolt across the beast wounded neck. The creature cries out in pain almost defeated. Not being able to swim Smokey clings to the side of the creature as it rushes to the surface. Upon doing so it is greeted with Talveer in mid jump as he throws a harpoon right down the beasts throat as it cries out. Gore spews out of the creatures mouth as it attempts to scream past the harpoon jammed in its throat. The creature then slowly succumbs to death and begins to sink deeper and deeper in the ocean. Talveer begins ascending back to the surface but notices Smokey struggling underwater. Remembering that Smokey can’t swim Talveer helps him to the surface where Boham drops a rope ladder and they climb back up. After Tending to their wounds the crew as well as Smokey and Talveer tend to their wounds and after about half an hour finally come ashore on one of the Islands.



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