A World to Explore

The Story Thus far


Thus far in what I am calling A World to Explore. The Campaign currently revolves around two individuals by the names of Smokey and Talveer. Smokey is a blue Dragonborn from a respectable family in Draconia. Talveer is a Aasimar who is a decedent of a very powerful and peculiar angel. These two happen to meet in a small trading village known as Mayberry where they meet a few friends and managed to defend the village from a revenge hungry necromancer and his horde of the undead. After saving Mayberry and deciding that perhaps it would benifit them to journey together they made their way to the Capital city of the region, Kraite. Upon entering the vast city they made friends with charismatic brothel owner known as The King. After some time in the city and making a bit of a name for themselves King entrusted them with a task of taking down a particularly unsavory brothel owner known a Vincent. After hearing about the horrible goings on at said brothel Talveer and Smokey took the job. The two disguised themselves and made their way into the establishment. Eventually after some attempted espionage Talveer caused quite a stir and a battle ensued. Vincent managed to escape with Talveer in pursuit. Smokey on the other hand was captured and tried for the whole ordeal. Many days passed and Smokey was cleared after a rather unclear trial. Soon after they were approached by a local black smith named Grey who had caught wind of some of their deeds about town and thought they might just be crazy enough to listen to his request. Thus began the search for the R Hammer, a mythical item said to be the perfect tool for any blacksmith. They set out for the mountains near Kraite and after about four days worth of travel came across a peculiar mage named Delilah. They all managed to fight their way into the underground dungeon that was said to contain the legendary hammer. All of them made their way through dodging many traps and fighting a few foes along the way. Eventually they made their way into the main chamber and a long a grueling battle with an Iron golem took place. After defeating the creature and discovering Delilahs inevitable plan to betray them the three men from Kraite sent Delilah on her way and headed back home. Talveer and Smokey after receiving their payment and also acquiring some powerful weapons made by the R Hammer rested for a good while. The two adventures had accomplished much in their short time together, but their rest was cut short by a peculiar request from The King of Kraite himself. King Reynold summoned them both to his court and informed them of a personal matter of his that he wished for them to look into. Hearing the Kings request and gladly accepting the high reward that it came with they set out on a new quest to discover what was going on in the small village of Brekinridge .The two traveled for about two weeks out of Kraite and into the the kingdom of Caden. They eventually found their way to the marshland that was home to Brekinridge. After speaking with the Duke of the neighboring town they set out into Brekinridge discovering the darkness that now lived inside. The two adventurers traversed through a mysterious mist that nearly took the mind of Smokey sending him into some kind of mind numbing hallucination. They made their way into the village and instantly came in contact with a large plant like creature that they managed to destroy with great effort. They then explored the town discovering many dark creatures as well as a very odd but helpful shop keep known as Zed who pointed them in the right direction. Searching and fighting their way through the town they collected four strange gems that opened a mysterious door beneath the village. Opening it revealed an old but powerful creature only known as Ishvak’sen. Our adventures not being one for idle chitchat with any evil creature sprung into action and after a hard fought battle where Smokeys mind was once again almost lost to him they defeated the creature, killing it or perhaps just sending it back from whence it came. The monster defeated and the village now saved they traveled back to Kraite where they were greeted by an extremely thankful King Reynold. The two heroes were rewarded and also given a plot of land where they could build a place to live. This was Reynolds way of telling the two adventurers to stick around.



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