Tag: Kraite


  • King Blackmagus

    Not much is known about King Blackmagus. What is known is that he loves what he does. King is a prosperous brothel owner and has a great love for the people he considers friends and will do anything in his power to defend what he believes in. King is a …

  • King Reynold

    Reynold was raised to be the ruler of Kraite at a very young age and grew up knowing people expected great things from him. Currently he seems to be living up to those expectations as he rules over Kraite as a fair and just king.

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas is a wizard that Talveer and Smokey ran into in Mayberry after saving the town. Nicolas is a merchant who owns a shop in Kraite known as Marry Anns Marvels. He also has an elemental assistant known as B.O.B.

  • Alamir

    Alamir has been a Sorcerer most of her life and somehow in her years of study and adventure became the current leader of the Mages Guild in Kraite. Newly Appointed council member of Kraite incharge of the usage of magic in Kraite.

  • Braynor

    Braynor grew up in Kraite and is a Hunter by trade He now currently is the Guild leader for the Hunters Crest in Kraite.

  • Grey

    Grey owns the Fire and Steel Blacksmith shop in Kraite and is also the man who hired Smokey and Talveer to journey with him to retrieve the R Hammer. He is currently practicing with the hammer to better understand its properties.