Tag: Human


  • King Blackmagus

    Not much is known about King Blackmagus. What is known is that he loves what he does. King is a prosperous brothel owner and has a great love for the people he considers friends and will do anything in his power to defend what he believes in. King is a …

  • King Reynold

    Reynold was raised to be the ruler of Kraite at a very young age and grew up knowing people expected great things from him. Currently he seems to be living up to those expectations as he rules over Kraite as a fair and just king.

  • Grey

    Grey owns the Fire and Steel Blacksmith shop in Kraite and is also the man who hired Smokey and Talveer to journey with him to retrieve the R Hammer. He is currently practicing with the hammer to better understand its properties.

  • Delilah Oswald

    Delilah is a warlock who once attempted to fool Smokey and Talveer as they were seeking the R hammer. Once her plans were thwarted she was released and sent on her way. Her current whereabouts are unknown.