A male Aasimar Fighter.


Talveer had a very… unusual childhood. Living in the ancient forest long forgotten with his mother and father are the earliest memories he has. And some of his fondest. For years his days where spent living the life of an outlander. That is until the day his father left. While he and his mother did there best to survive. They even did for awhile until one day while talveer was out hunting a group of hooded individuals came to his homestead and murdered his mother. Talveer only seeing them leaving went to inquire with his mother about the men. Only to find her dead. Then suddenly a long forgotten voice whispered in his head. “Kill them” said his father although he was nowhere to be found. In a furious rage talveer grabbed the first thing he could find. An old sword and chased the men down. Whatever their plan was it ended that day but talveer ’ journey was just beginning. As the last of them fell a mighty voice range from the sky proclaiming talveer as his son. The son of death himself and all those who bring evil into this world will tremble before a tempest of blade and blood. So decreed his father and the son obliged. Setting off for the nearest village in hopes of fulfilling his father’s wish. One thing drives talveer… justice and defending the weak but never one to shy away from a good time. He approaches all situations with tact and cunning. When those fail the words of his father always ring true… the ones who bring evil will tremble before talveer’s tempest of blade… and the sight of there own blood.



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