Smokey Anvil

A male blue Dragonborn Sorcerer.


Smokey was born into the well-known Blue Fanged Lightning Clan. The clan is noted by all as one of the greatest magic users of all the land. At a young age, smokey’s parents started his lessons in the world of magic. He has an older brother named Ray also called cold bolt because he shows no emotions as he cut down his foes. Like his brother, smokey was expected to be a genus and follow in the foot steps of his older brother. But this was not the case, smokey was not as gifted as his brother. He soon found himself last in his classes and just not motivated. He hated begin compare to his older brother and hated hearing news about the next big achievement that Ray did. Smokeys mother Emily was the second wife of the main clan and she died during childbirth. His father only favored the strong and drilled smokey endlessly because he was not like he brother. Smokey found peace in his plant which was the one thing that his mother had left him. This plant had property to heal some illness and wounds. Smokey mother was a warlock and a bard. So on his 13 birthday, smokey left the main house to fulfill his dream of traveling and locating a rare herd said to have mythical healing properties.


Smokey Anvil

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