A World to Explore

Journey to the East

Smokey Races Forward

Our adventures wake up after a well earned long rest at the King. They head down stairs for coffee and breakfast and are greeted by an unusual fellow by the name of Stephen Grendle the royal courts architect and contractor. He tells Talveer and Smokey that he was sent by the king at their request to discuss the design and construction of their new home. With the introductions completed Stephen shows them the way to their newly acquired land and begins the discussion of designing their new home. The design of the new home takes place with Talveer making his own home with 2 full stories and a secret basement and Smokey making his home large enough to house workers for his farm. Large stone walls are added as well as a tall watchtower and stables for horses. Stephen writes theses all down as well as a curious addition to the large Iron gate. Stephen is then paid and our travelers head out to Mayberry, the village they first discovered in Kraite and saved from a revenge driven necromancer. Upon arrival to Mayberry all seems well. The town seems to be if fine shape again with some newly constructed homes and with the hard working folk back to their normal lives. Smokey then visits Tim Anders, former mayor and now employee of smokey, to collect his earning from his local herb shop as well as restock on seeds. After this is done Talveer and Smokey go to Visit Holg their friend and newly elected mayor of Mayberry. They share stories and catch up with one another even have a few laughs before Talveer requests a private audience with Holg. Holg agrees and Talveer tells him of some suspicious hooded figures known as the Dracol Conclave that he wishes to track down. Holg knowing nothing of these individuals informs Talveer that he shall keep an eye out for any sightings of these people. Discussions with Holg over Talveer sends Smokey to have a drink with Holg while he heads to the abandoned Temple of Lathander to pray at the burial site of the fallen necromancer. As he is doing this Talveer hears a familiar voice whisper in the back of his mind. “You have done well my child” the voice whispers as it fades away. Talveer then goes to rejoin Smokey in town but is surprised to find that Smokey has left him behind and has headed back to Kraite. Talveer now frustrated and tired decides to have some drinks with Holg and head back in the morning. Smokey getting to Kraite well before Talveer prepares for travels to the East where he has heard rumor of an uncharted Island off the east coast of Korson. Eager to leave Smokey once again sets out without Talveer but not before leaving a message for him with King Blackmagus. Talveer eventually getting back to Kraite and receiving the message recants the conversation he had with Holg to King Blackmagus. King actually more responsive then Holg recalls two hooded individuals passing through Kraite headed to the west. Talveer then thanks King and heads east to catch up with his companion. After a months travel and a small detour through a town with injured soldiers, which Smokey tried to the best of his ability to help, Smokey makes his way into Sakon a small coastal village east of Kraite. Smokey asks around and manages to find a Captain willing to help him travel across the seas. A captain by the name of Boham Stock who seems more than willing to help, at least more willing than others who seemed to be put of at the mention of Smokeys destination. A day later Talveer arrives and they both have a drink and discuss their next plan.



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